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It used to be that guys had two options for a wedding ring. , Men could have a yellow gold band or a white gold band. , These limitations were because the choices a lot of men had were limited to what they could discover at the local jewelery store. , Men and women would select their wedding rings after catching a film at the local mall. , A good number men dreaded this experience.




Buying a men's wedding ring was unpleasant for everyone. The local jewelry shop was a place with bright lights, gorgeous salespeople and was located in an open public space-not the kind of place where a lot of men felt at ease. It was not possible to tell if the man got a reasonable price, because all the he wanted to do was to get out of there.


These days, the choices for men's wedding bands are unlimited. While many still like the simple 14 or 18 carat yellow or white gold ring similar to what their father and grandfather has, numerous men these days are in search of unique or special rings.


One trend is platinum rings. These are tough rings and will last forever. The down side is that they are very, very heavy and can feel uncomfortable over a long period of time. Another problem with platinum rings is the cost. A platinum ring with a very plain design can cost thousands of dollars.


Another choice for those who seek a ring with a unique or particular design is a titanium ring. There are a lot of reasons why a titanium band might be optimal. Titanium is incredibly tough and lightweight. These two properties make for excellent rings. In addition, titanium is hypoallergenic, which means it will not react to human skin. No other ring material is certain to not cause allergies or skin irritations like titanium. To conclude, titanium will not react to sea water or nearly everyone other corrosive agents. Note this only applies to high grades of titanium found used by nearly everyone U.S-based designers. The low-priced imports often use substandard grade titanium.


The designs options for titanium rings these days far exceed what can be found for other men's wedding bands. For instance, titanium rings can be inlaid with out of the ordinary hardwoods like African Blackwood, Ipe, Koa, Cocobolo, Mango and Purple Heart woods. These inlays produce distinctive, superb and dazzling rings. Other well-liked inlays are Opal, Turquoise, carbon fiber, gold and diamonds.


These options, of course, are now all possibilities for men and women are keen to purchase their rings online. The price, customization, selection and options are much superior online than what the majority will uncover at the neighborhood jewelry store shopping mall.



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