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This website offers our members and visitors opportunity to engage in virtual interaction through hotelier forum, hotelier photos and blog. PLEASE READ FOLLOWING RULES & REGULATIONS CAREFULLY 


When engaging in virtual interactions through hotelier forum you are agree with following rules and regulations:


Before uploading any photos using your hotelier account to this website, you must comply with following rules and regulations:

  • Do not upload photos, pictures or images related to adult materials and pornographic.
  • Do not upload any copyrighted photos or images onto this website.
  • By uploading your photos, pictures or images, you accept all legal ramifications including indemnifying Hotelier – Hotel Training Forum ‘’
  • Your picture format must be set in jpeg format and the size may not larger than 1 MB (megabytes) and 640 x 480 pixels.
  • We reserve the right to report any abusive upload to any law enforcement and immediately terminate our services to you without notice.


Before responding or commenting to any Blog Entries, you are agree with following rules and regulations:

  • Our blog entries are collected from various sources of information AS IS.
  • Our blog entries may contain 3rd party advertisements, and you are strongly advised to verify such information or advertisements.
  • Hotelier – Hotel Training Forum or ‘’ or McPrie & Associates shall not responsible or liable for any damages, loss or expenses arising from or in connection with above.
  • We reserve the right to remove or delete blog entry(s) and comment(s) that we deem inappropriate.