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Learning Surprises # 4 - Walk the Talk

Posted by citra aulia on January 28, 2012 at 7:00 PM

Attending learning sessions, feeling somehow enthusiastic even seeing responds from participants flying in the air, listening to those questions and concerns, and many 'what if's.

This leadership development Forum for bunch of supervisors, (which means future managers, future leaders) surprises me everytime. Most of them also our training coordinators, which always been associated as agent of change - who we kind of expect will able to create immediate impact to their subordinate, into operations.

There have been great sessions. Practical examples. Tips and tricks. Success stories. Inspiring talks. I have even noted down many explanations from these sessions that make myself go 'wow this is cool... ', 'gee, this is so practical', ...' I can immediate apply this...'

All kind of things, that we think will equip our future leaders to lead the team aiming for only perfection are provided. Ranging from workload analysis, delegating, communication, effective supervisor, (advance) coaching to motivating, you name it. these sessions - always lead me to one question: then what?

Being supervisor, it is then indeed about giving guidance to get the best out from a person. With all sessions dedicated to these supervisors, talking about ways to be best, it is simply a requirement to do it and be a role model. The hardest part after learning session completed, is to put all topic in real life, in act.

Preaching on effective communication, but then we don't communicate. Teaching other the time management and discipline but then we come late and misuse our authority. reminding subordinate to follow rules but we are making excuses for us not to do it. Emphasizing the importance accepting feedback-input-critiques, but our face become sour when we are being critized.

We can swallow this abundant knowledge. Talking about it like expert, and sound real good when doing it. Put all these knowledge into action. Walk the talk, otherwise we really waste the time of learning sessions.

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