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Basic Tutorials:
  1. Ultimate Guide for Quality Guest Service
  2. How to Handle Emergency Situations
  3. How to be Good Hotel Manager
  4. Must Follow Etiquette Tips for Hoteliers
  5. Public Areas in Hotel
  6. Must Follow Rules on Guest Floor for Hotel Staffs
  7. Lodge Administration
  8. Hotel Management Training Courses
  9. Transport Services in Hotel
  10. What Does an effective Hospitality School Offers
  11. Etiquette and Manners of a True Hotelier (Part-3)
  12. Etiquette and Manners of a True Hotelier (Part-2)
  13. Etiquette and Manners of a True Hotelier (Part-1)
  14. Resort Management Operation
  15. Hospitality Education – Your right Career choice
  16. 11 Must Follow Golden Rules for Hoteliers
  17. Culinary schools in CT
  18. 7 Questions You Should Not Ask Your Guests
  19. Remember while Referring Problems to Superior
  20. Working as a Team in Hotel & Restaurant
  21. 25 Rules for All Hoteliers
  22. How to Handle Sexual Offer
  23. How to Stand in Hotel or Restaurant
  24. Knowledge of Courtesy for Hoteliers
  25. How to seat Guests in Restaurants
  26. Major Hotel Brands
  27. Classification of Hotel
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Career Advice
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Chef-Cooking-Culinary Arts
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English For Hotel
Event Planning
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F & B Service
  1. A to Z Hotel Room Service Procedure
  2. Waiter Training Guide : Learn F & B Service A to Z
  3. How to Serve Food at Hotel & Restaurant
  4. Some Vital Points for Efficient Service
  5. Different Types of Buffet Service
  6. Gueridon Service Procedure
  7. Tips for Successful Room service in Hotel
  8. How to Settle Guest Bill in Restaurant (SOP)
  9. How to Gain Menu & Beverage Knowledge
  10. Service Preparation for Busy Restaurant
  11. How to Serve Beer from Can or Bottle
  12. How to Handle “Wrong Order” (SOP)
  13. Settling Credit Card Payment (SOP)
  14. How to Serve Champagne
  15. Pre-Service Checklist of F & B Outlet (SOP)
  16. How to Serve Tea or Coffee in Restaurant (SOP)
  17. How to Take Food Order in Restaurant (SOP)
  18. Must Follow Food & Beverage Service Rules
  19. Proper Uniform of a Waiter
  20. How to Present Bill to Guests
  21. How to Present Menu to Guests in Restaurant
  22. How a Waiter should Carry Tray in Restaurant
  23. How to Take Guest Orders in Restaurants
  24. How to Serve Bread & Butter at Restaurant
  25. How to Serve Cigar in Hotel & Restaurant
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Front Office
  1. Pre-Registered Guest Check in Procedure
  2. Hotel Credit Facilities
  3. Must Have Qualities of Hotel Front Office Staffs
  4. Hotel Guest Reservation Procedure
  5. Job of Bell Captain & Bell Boy in Hotel
  6. Hotel Reception Desk – An Overview
  7. Inter Departmental Coordination in Front Office
  8. Interpersonal Communication in Hotel Industry
  9. Coordination Between Hotel Front Office with Other Departments
  10. How a Hotel Receptionist can Perform as a Salesman
  11. How Hoteliers Should Handle International Credit Cards
  12. Types of Hotel Room Rates – Ultimate Guide
  13. Learn What is Guest Folio in Hotel
  14. Foreign Currency Exchange Procedure in Hotel
  15. Importance of First Guest Contact
  16. Sources of Hotel Guest Reservation
  17. Reservation & Cancellation Code Used in Hotel
  18. Night Audit in Hotels
  19. Concierge Service in Hotel
  20. Overbooking in Hotel
  21. Typical Telephone Requests by Guests
  22. Hotel Front Office Equipment
  23. Hotel Guest Preference Procedure
  24. Step by Step Guest Registration at Front Desk (Must Read)
  25. What If Guest Don’t Answer Wake Up Calls (SOP)
  26. Hotel Safety Box Procedure (SOP)
  27. Making Room Reservation on Telephone (SOP)
  28. Members of Hotel Front Office Department
  29. How to Handle Walk in Guests in Hotel
  30. Smooth Guest Check out Procedure (SOP)
  31. How to Introduce a Room to Your Guest (SOP)
  32. Ultimate Guide on Telephone Call Receiving Procedure
  33. Rooming a Guest (SOP)
  34. Collection of Guest Data on Arrival
  35. Answering Telephone in Hotel & Restaurant: DOs & DON’Ts
  36. How to Take Reservation on Phone
  37. Wake-up call Handling Procedure
  38. Proper Telephone Manner in Hotel
  39. Methods of Payment in Hotel
  40. A to Z Guest Registration Procedure (Part-3)
  41. Hotel Room Types
  42. A to Z Guest Registration Procedure (Part-2)
  43. A to Z Guest Registration Procedure (Part-1)
  44. Guiding to front desk
  45. Greet the guests on His First Arrival
  46. Front Office Basics
  47. Unexpected VIP Guest Check-in Procedures in Hotel
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Handling Guest Complaints
Hospitality Industry

Hospitality School & Course

Hotel Training Manuals

Hygiene & Sanitation
Online Hospitality Management Degree
Safety & Security
Travel & Tourism
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