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A Case Study:


"Just recently, two employees of a reputable company were found threating a customer inapropriately causing them to file a complaint against company's services."


After through a series of internal investigation, the management came up with the decission to move those two employees to a department which have no direct contact with customers - obviously a job which is far away from the career that they have built to this stage.

Shocked with the final decission and offer from the management, they both decided to resign from the company.


Learning Points and Discussion

  • How objective was the performance evaluation done?

An objective performance evaluation that is consistently done and implemented within an organization helps management in dealing with employee's performance issue.

Few mistakes made by an employee should not demolished the entire performances of more than 3 years of services.

  • How severe was the mistake?

An objective performance evaluation will not simply defending employee's position if the mistake made is classified to be gross misconduct, however with objective performance evaluation helps employee improve their performance by gaining insight instead of feeling simply being punished.






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Is there any HR Manager that would like to give some feedback on above???


Let's discuss it...




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Estri Mahani
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There's 3 main task that HR executive should do :

1. for employee giving them a warning letter ..punishment and arrange a counselling

2. Continous improvement by regular coach maybe did not worked properly..That's QC in every process regularly

3. Customer engagement & relationship that should implemented in Standart operational Procedure for every level management not just for marketing/PR people

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