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Hi guys.     Do youhave any suggestions on a nice Vacation Tracking software?      We want a software that really help usmanage our Vacation Accrual, Vacation tracker.    Right now we are using the system called"”.

We want something better.  A software that can be used offline and could be integrated to Project /Absentee management software.  A somekind of Leave tracking Software.vacationtrackingsoftware is good but itdoes NOT have an amazing Time tracking application.   In addition, their system is very straight forward . We need a very complex software. In addition, i need to burn our budgetby the end of the year. are too cheap :(      

It doesn’t have offline running feature, you must have to bealways online for using this software.

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I think it would be better if you use a standard time tracking tool for these kind of needs.

It's accurate, open source and you can use it offline (this is a plus). It also has a web server that integrates the recording of everything. That would be more ideal especially if your workers would go on a vacation.

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