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 Hotel Executive Training Program

Hotelier Guide: Bali Travel Advice

Planning to visit Bali this holiday?

Despite of all great aspects of holiday facilities that available in Bali, here are simple wise advices when visiting Bali:

Stay Away From Drugs

Indonesia is very strict with drug offenders, several offenders have been sentenced to death. Drug-peddling happens in major nightlife areas, for Bali, mostly in Kuta, Legian and Seminyak. Simply CLOSE YOUR EARS when you hear people whisper,”cheap drugs, mushroom, ganja etc.”

Get a Safe Not Just Artistic Tattoo

Some tattoo artists use dangerous chemical textile dyes which are not suitable for use on the human body. Ask tattoo experts and get recommendation from reliable source prior get your body tattooed. If you take a temporary tattoo, beware of staining your bed sheets, most hotels will charge you for this stains.

Drink Safe Water

As you aware that most hotels are build just few meters away from the sea, thus their water quality will sometimes not really good because they are using deep-well water mixed with government supplied water (PDAM). Always drink only bottled water and canned drinks. Never drink directly from the tap!

Insure Your Vacation and Life with Reliable Insurance

Many people who travelled to Bali experience various kinds of activities and sports. Some of which are actually rather dangerous. If you love for thrills and want to try some of the challenging sports such as bungee jumping, surfing, parasailing etc, do ask about insurance. If they don’t provide one, make sure your personal insurance covers any accidents while you are in Bali.

Exchange Only at Authorized Money Changers

My simple advice is, go to larger Authorized Money Changers. Do not simply fall in for higher rate because there are 2 kinds of money changers; one with commission and one without commission. The commissioned offers a higher rate, but the commission charge is taken off the total. The one without commission offers lower rates but no charges. Should you in a rush and intended to change at local market, seek for money changers with “No Commission” sign. Bring your own calculator and double check the money before you leave.

Mind Red Flags Notice When Swimming on the Beaches

Limited coast guards are available only at few popular beaches. Always follow beach notices and swim between the red flags, please not that strong currents occur. Always leave your belongings with those you know and trust. Do not leave them unattended.

Bargain Courteously

Browsing in the store is generally accepted and welcomed in most street vendors selling souvenirs from Bali. If you do not have any intention of purchasing anything, simply thank the shop attendance and leave. Don’t bargain just for the fun of it. If you are not buying after engaging in a furious bargain battle of wits - you will end up being chased for miles.

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