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Food & Beverage Skills Training Materials
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Food and Beverage Operation is the second largest department in the hotel organization. It is a department that cater guest’s needs of food & drinks in a professional, friendly, courteous and memorable manner whilst striving for optimum guest's satisfaction and profitability.

Food & Beverage department consist of the following sections;

· Service Operation

· Bartending Operation

· Kitchen Operation

· Stewarding Operation

All above are vital and inter-related sections that produce the overall impressions of the entire Food & Beverage Operation. Hi-end Products must come along with Hi-end Quality of Services to sustain patrons and drive fully-engaged customers.

To continuously develop and upgrade your competitive edges and skills within F&B Operations, check out Hotel Associate Service Development latest skills training materials in various scenes.

hotel service

Scene 1: Do I Look Pro?

Scene 2: Do These but NOT Those!

Scene 3: Show Me Around

Scene 4: Hello, Pick My Calls

Scene 5: Safety First!

Scene 6: We’ve Got…

Scene 7: What Kind of Drink is That?

Scene 8: Checkout Our Wine Yard!

Scene 9: Bar Calls!

Scene 10: Here is Your Drink!

Scene 11: Stop! Wash Your Hands

Scene 12: Resto Game Plan

01. Open Me Up

02. Book Me Up

03. Show Me The Way

04. Fold Me Up

05. Keep Me Shiny!

06. Set Me Up!

07. Show Me What You’ve Got!

08. Let Me Get You a Dink

09. Let Me Get You a Meal

10. I’ve Change My Mind!

11. Get Me Cutlery

12. Get Me A Plate

13. Chinese Flows

14. A La Carte Flows

15. Set Meal Flows

           16. Pour Me In

           17. Carry Me On!

           18. Gimme A Tea

           19. Gimme A Coffee

           20. De-boning a Fish

           21. Clear Me Up

           22. Keep My Table Clean!

           23. Ash-Free!

           24. Transport Me Safely!

           25. Change My Costume!

           26. Pour Me A Beer

           27. Show Me Any Wine

           28. Open My Wine

           29. Pour in My Wine

           30. Show Me Champagne & Sparkling

           31. Open My Champagne

           32. Pour in My Champagne

           33. Make Me A Cup of Cappuccino

           34. Make Me an Espresso

           35. Get Me A Cigar

           36. Get Me A Cigarette

           37. Close Me Up!

Scene 13: Post Me On!

Scene 14: Cashiering


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