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Hotel Executive Training & Development Program 

 Hotel Executive Training Program

Hotelier Front Office Skills Training Materials

hotel associate training

Front Office Department is the "Nerve Center" of a Hotel & Restaurant. It is the starting point for almost every guest services begins and ends. All functions, activities and areas of Front Office are geared to support guest's interactions and encounters resulting in engaging or disengaging them. This is where guests register, request information or services, resolve complaints, settle their accounts, and check out.

Normally, Front Office Department comprises of several sections with different but closely related function namely; Reception, Guest Relations & Bell Desk. In general, all of these sections are located at the lobby area.

The efficiency of Front Office operations depends on the design and layout of the counter which should provide hotel professionals with easy access to the equipment, forms and supplies necessary for assigned tasks as well as personnel competency and professionalism in the entire Front Office duties and responsibilities.

Reshape your hotel competency level by continuously develop and upgrade your competitive edges within the Hotel Front Office operation with Hotel Associate Service Development latest manuals in various scenes.

Scene 1: Do I Look Pro?

Scene 2: Do These but Not Those!

Scene 3: Show Me Around!

Scene 4: Hello! Pick My Calls

Scene 5: Fax Me!

Scene 6: Wake Me Up!

Scene 7: Show Me Your ID!

Scene 8: Fill Me Up ? Registration Procedures

Scene 9: You?ve Got the Key!

Scene 10: How can I be of Service?

Scene 11: Let Me Fix It!

Scene 12: Found Me!

Scene 13: Secure Me!

Scene 14: I Don?t Like My Room!

Scene 15: Craving for Dollars!

Scene 16: Shout Out!

Scene 17: Join My Fans Club!

Scene 18: Post It!

Scene 19: You?ve Got to Pay!

Scene 20: Cashiering

Scene 21: Cash Float Maintenance

Scene 22: Swipe Me!

Scene 23: Express Check-Out!

Scene 24: Exchange Me!

Scene 25: Save Me!

Scene 26: Use of EHF/VHF Radio

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