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Hotel Executive Training & Development Program 

 Hotel Executive Training Program

Hotelier Sales & Marketing Skills Training Materials

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In most Organisation Sales and Marketing is the key to successful penetration of the market segment as desired as well as the achievement of annual revenue goals as determined by budgeting process as approved by Owners and Corporation.

Through series of Sales and Marketing strategies and Branding, Hotelier Sales Professionals is responsible for the successful promotion and sales of All Products and Services; Rooms, Food & Beverage, Miscellaneous (telephones, laundry, spa, etc.) and Special Events. All of these sales & marketing strategies includes but not limited to; advertising, public relations, newsletters, printed collateral, holiday cards, direct-mail campaigns, sales blitz, telemarketing activities and promotional items.

Besides, room rates & pricing strategies, value-added programs, contractual agreements and cooperative promotions are managed by Hotelier Sales Professionals.

Understanding the central and crucial function of this department to an organisation, Hotelier Portal! is committed to provide distinctive Hotel Executive Training Program for all Hotelier Sales Professionals to continuously upgrade and reshape their competency level in various hotelier learning scenes;

Scene 1. Departmental Goals & Objectives

Scene 2. Understanding Market & Account

Scene 3. Know What To Do

Scene 4. Planning

Scene 5. Understand Your Gold Mine

Scene 6. Scheduling Sales Calls

Scene 7. Sales Calls

Scene 8. Tell Them Don’t Sell Them

Scene 9. Special Events

i. Pre-Sales

ii. Sales

iii. Planning

iv. Function Order

v. Guaranteed Services

vi. After Sales Relations

Scene 10. Reporting Procedures

Scene 11. Contracts

Scene 12. Winning Negotiations

Scene 13. Revenue Management

Scene 14. Customers Database Management

Scene 15. Promotions & Campaigns

i. Ad Contents

ii. Ad Placements

iii. Campaign Models

iv. Calendar of Events

v. Media Relations

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Hotel Training Portal

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