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hotel front office skills

Front Office Skills Training Materials

Front Office Department is the "Nerve Center" of a Hotel and Restaurant. It is where guests register, request information or services, resolve complaints, settle their accounts, and check out. It is the starting point for almost every guest service begins and ends. All functions, activities, and areas of the Front Office are geared to support guests' interactions and encounters, resulting in engaging or disengaging them.

F&B Skills Training

Food & Beverage Skills Training Materials

Food and Beverage Operation is the second largest department in the hotel organization. It is a department that caters to guests' needs for food & drinks in a professional, friendly, courteous, and memorable manner while striving for optimum guest satisfaction and profitability.

housekeeping skills training

Housekeeping Skills Training Materials

Housekeeping is the most extensive department of the hotel organization. It is the face of the organization's outward and inward presentation. Brightly cleaned rooms, well-maintained public areas, restaurants, and freshly laundered and pressed uniforms and linens denote the image of the Hotel.

kitchen skills training

Kitchen Skills Training Manuals

Kitchen Department, Culinary Department, and Galley Department in the Hotel and Restaurant industries or the Cruise industry are responsible for all food production for the enjoyment of the consumers and, in most cases, employees.

hotel steward

Stewarding Skills Training Manuals

Steward's main scope of work is maintaining the cleanliness of all equipment and utensils utilized in the Kitchen and Restaurant. It includes ensuring all necessary items used by both Kitchens and Restaurants are available while strict Hygiene and Sanitation Standards are maintained.

purchasing skills

Purchasing Skills Training Manuals

Purchasing Department plays a vital role in hotel & restaurant operations because it provides and maintains a proper level of all supplies; foods, beverages, perishable and non-perishables, guest supplies, store items, as well as the necessary equipment to avoid causing any interruption in operation.

sales marketing skills training

Sales & Marketing Skills Training Materials

In most Organization, Sales and Marketing is the key to successful penetration of the market segment as desired and the achievement of annual revenue goals as determined by the budgeting process approved by Owners and Corporation.

risk security training

Risks & Security Training Materials

Hotel Risks Management and Risk Assessments help Hotels, restaurants, malls, and all public facilities retain their customers because safety & security is one of the keys to customer return and patronage. With proper risk management, service providers provide safe and secure hotels for the enjoyment of their customers.

human resources skills

Human Resources Skills Training Materials

Human Resources Department is a strategic partner of the management and the business owner. This Department is where we ensure the right people are in their right job and position. Recruitment, job placement, and dispute handling to separation are a few of several jobs and functions of this Department.

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