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Hotel Executive Training & Development Program 

 Hotel Executive Training Program


Hotel Executive Training Portal provides training material which come in the form of editable slide presentations, facilitator guides and participant's handouts. With these materials at hand you will be able to lead your training independently and reach your critical mass point without depending on the training provider all the time. However in time of need, Hotel Associates Trainer available to assist you delivering these training and train your internal trainers at an affordable additional cost.

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 Program Description

This program provides guidelines for your employees in the way they dress, walk, talk and portraying positive image so that it will always represent your brand as a premium brand ...

Item Code: ED 00001

No matter how hard we try to satisfy customers, chances are there will be a time when we failed to fulfill their expectation. This program provides guidelines for your employees to recover any service imperfection and turn your dissatisfied customer become loyal customers ...

Item Code: ED 00002

Good connection with customers drive repetitive business and it secure company's business in a long run. Every customer's relationship or connection begins with initial interaction between company representatives (employees) and the customers. This program help your employees ...

Item Code: ED 00003


Who are the most affected by poor communication skills? Customers!

Being in the industry with large numbers of personnel involved in ensuring one customer is pleased - is not easy when people within the organization employ poor communication skills ...

Item Code: ED 00004

 i-Calls Handling

How much poor phone calls handling cost you? Can you afford to compete with others in today's market where many business deals simply closed via phone calls? This program helps your brand ambassadors realize the importance of phone calls handling in a professional ways ...

Item Code: ED 00005

 i-Heartfelt Services

Has service rendered to your customers touch profoundly in the heart of your customers? Or, are your brand ambassadors just simply performing their job and demands their paycheck at the end of the month? This program is magnificent tools for your brand ambassadors in ...

Item Code: ED 00006

 How much does your sales counter staff has costing you, giving his/her sullen next to the customers and allow them leave with small purchases? Every sales transaction is a golden opportunity to increase your sales per diem. This program provides tools for your sales squad...

Item Code: ED 00007

 i-Motional Experiences

Emotional experiences create preference and sales! To customers, great products will not compel them to buy if they don't see the benefits and failed to emotionally associate themselves with the product. This program provides tools and techniques in assisting buyers ...

Item Code: ED 00008

 i-Safe Workplace

Working environment, safe and secure workplace not just best place for your employees to work but also drives customers to utilize your facilities and services more often. This program provides guidance for both security guards and employees in creating safe and secure...

Item Code: ED 00009

How many times have you experienced being left in the cloud by salesperson either by leaving you with menu or inappropriate information as you required? This program is a magnificent tool for your sales team in creating your products comes alive and compel buyers to buy ...

Item Code: ED 00010

 i-Healthy Services

Healthy Services is crucial to a food service industry. Not that it is required by most of government officials - your customers too. This program provides guidelines for your food service personnel in practicing good hygiene and sanitation practices.

Item Code: ED 00011

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