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Housekeeping is the biggest department of the hotel organisation. It is the face of the organisation outward as well as inward presentation. Brightly cleaned rooms, well-maintained public areas, restaurants, freshly laundered and pressed uniforms and linens denote the image of the Hotel.

The Housekeeping Department employs the largest staff than other departments under Rooms Division. The Executive Housekeeper is in-charge of the department, assisted by an Assistant Executive Housekeeper. Middle Management is composed of Floor Supervisors, Public Area Supervisors, and Linen and Uniform Supervisor. Room Boys and Public Area Attendants are assigned to specific sections of the hotel and are responsible for maintaining cleanliness of the guest rooms and public areas respectively. The Linen personnel are responsible for the preparation of linens, towels, and uniforms.

The Housekeeping Associates are accountable for maintaining two types of inventories: recycled and non-recycled. Recycled inventories are those items that are relatively limited life cycle but are used over and over again in Housekeeping operations. These include linens, uniforms and guest loan items such as hot water flasks and hairdryers, etc. Non-recycled inventories are those items that are consumed or worn out during the course of routine Housekeeping operations. These include cleaning supplies, small equipment items and guest supplies and amenities.

Cleanliness is one of the most important assets in the hotel. It is one of the deciding factors whether a guest will return or not. Guests may accept minor problems elsewhere, but expect and deserve, spotless accommodation. It is critical to the success of the hotel system that every guest room and public areas are cleaned thoroughly and in a consistent manner. The goal is to ensure the highest standard of cleanliness while maintaining efficiency.

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Hotel Housekeeping Training Manuals

HK Manual 1. Housekeeping Professional Grooming
HK Manual 2. Housekeeping Job Description
HK Manual 3. Housekeeping Terminology
HK Manual 4. Housekeeping Areas Familiarization
HK Manual 5. Housekeeping Rooms Category
HK Manual 6. Housekeeping Room Key Familiarization
HK Manual 7. Housekeeping Job Safety & Security
HK Manual 8. Conduct & Attitude
HK Manual 9. Housekeeping Do’s & Don’ts
HK Manual 10. Housekeeping Telephone Skills
HK Manual 11. Lost & Found Procedures
HK Manual 12. Housekeeping Cleaning Principles
HK Manual 13. Housekeeping Equipment Familiarization
HK Manual 14. Housekeeping Machinery Familiarization
HK Manual 15. Housekeeping Chemicals Handling
HK Manual 16. Cleaning Methods of Different Surfaces
HK Manual 17. Room Standard Setup
HK Manual 18. Make Up Room Procedures
                       i. Occupied
                       ii. Check-out
HK Manual 19. Bathroom Cleaning Procedures
HK Manual 20. Public Areas Cleaning
HK Manual 21. Restrooms Cleaning
HK Manual 22. General & Spring Cleaning
HK Manual 23. Mattress Rotation
HK Manual 24. Room Disinfection
HK Manual 25. Housekeeping Forms & Worksheets
HK Manual 26. Guest Requests
HK Manual 27. Minibar
HK Manual 28. Inventory

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