Hotel Executive Training Program

Hotel Executive Training & Development Program 

Human Resources Skills Training Materials

Human Resources Department is a strategic partner of the management and the business owner. From recruitment, job placement, disputes handling to separation are few of amongst several jobs and function of this department. Thru this department is where we ensure right people are on their right job and position.

To assist you and your HR Professionals successfully accomplish their tasks in managing Human Resource Department efficiently, following are list of skills training provided by Hotelier - Hotel Training Forum with various scenes:

Scene 01.  Job Familiarization

Scene 02.  Induction/Orientation Program

Scene 03.  Time Keeping

Scene 04.  Uniform Procedures

Scene 05.  Standard of Grooming

Scene 06.  Staff ID

Scene 07.  Compensation & Benefits

Scene 08.  Working Hours

Scene 09.  Salary, Pay Day & Bank Account

Scene 10.  Meal & Breaks

Scene 11.  Leave Management

Scene 12.  Pension Management

Scene 13.  Jamsostek

Scene 14.  Praying Services

Scene 15.  Locker Management

Scene 16.  Employee Entrance

Scene 17.  Parking

Scene 18.  Notice Board

Scene 19.  Employee’s Recognition Program

Scene 20.  Sickness Reporting Procedures

Scene 21.  Item/Packages Removal Pass

Scene 22.  Departmental Familiarization

                                                              i.      Role of Department

                                                             ii.      Telephone Handling

                                                           iii.      Organization Chart

                                                          iv.      Sections

                                                            v.      Departmental Policies & Procedures

                                                          vi.      Incident Reporting

                                                         vii.      Filling Management

                                                       viii.      Dangerous Goods & Equipment

                                                          ix.      Lost & Found Procedures

                                                            x.      Location of Fire Extinguishers, Alarm, Heat/Smoke Detectors

                                                          xi.      Fire Exits

                                                         xii.      Assembly Point

                                                       xiii.      Bomb Threat Handling

Scene 23.  Positional Familiarization


Business Human Resources
Basic forms of ownership - classifications - management - government regulation - human resources - human resource management - social welfare system
Human Resources Forms

Hiring & Recruitments

  • Application
  • Interview
  • Offering Letters
  • Contract
  • Action
  • Resignation
  • Separation
  • Exit Interviews

Training & Developments

  • Training Need Analysis
  • Module Lists 
  • Training Plan
  • Attendance Sheet
  • External Training Req
  • Cross Training
  • Training Impact
  • Commitment To Action
  • Dept Trainer's Application
  • Training Report

Personel Administrations

  • Attendance Sheet
  • Exchange Schedule
  • Permission
  • Day Payment [DP] Request
  • Sick Leave
  • Leaves Request [Annual/Long Leave/Maternity/Unpaid/Others]
  • Transfer Request
  • Change in Personal Details
  • Promotion
  • Progressive Discipline