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Hotel Executive Training & Development Program 

 Hotel Executive Training Program

Hotel on The Job Training Guide

On the job training program are essential and a must for hospitality industry students, from senior high schools , colleges to universities level, all requiring their students to attend on the job training or internship program at selected hotels, restaurants, resorts, villas or tour and travel companies depending on their field of study.

This program’s main purposes and objectives are introducing students to the real job field and allow them to practice and applied whatever they’ve learned from the classes.

With many hospitality schools, colleges and universities across the globe with thousands of students each period, finding right industry and company for each student can be challenging. Yet, each hospitality industries have their own requirements which may vary from one and another.

On the Job Training Requirements

Even hospitality industries may have different requirements for intended on the job training or internship program, following are general requirements where applied by most hotels, restaurants, resorts, villas or tour and travel companies.

  • On the job training or internship program is only available for active students
  • On the job training period may be in 3 months to 6 months
  • Depending on Hotel policies, there are hotels that provide allowances but there are also many that do not
  • Depending on Hotel policies, there are hotels or resorts that accept international students but also many that do not
  • In the event of Hotel allows international students, some hotels borne all costs of documents and permit processing to the student

On the Job Training Steps

On the Job Training or Internship Program in general is a joint cooperation between institutions (schools, colleges and universities) with hospitality industries (Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, Cafes, Villas or Tour & Travels) thus prime contact will be between these two parties.

On the Job Training Application and Recruitment Process

On the Job Training or Internship Program process starts with following:

· Institutions (Schools, Colleges and Universities) send a request letter to industries pertaining to on the job training or internship opportunities

· Based on the opportunity and information obtained such as;

1. How many students can be accommodated within the period?

2. What departments and sections available?

3. What are the criteria of the students?

4. How long is the program offered?

5. When the recruitment shall begin?

6. When the earliest and latest student’s profiles shall be received by the Hotel?

· Send all requirements including cover letters from the institution and complete profiles of all candidates to the industries

· Wait for reply and interview schedules provided by the Hotel or the Industries

· Upon selection and interview completed, the Hotel will provide the result along with the start date of the initial On the Job Training or Internship Program - The Global Training Directory

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