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Workshop Outline & Target Group:
This workshop provides all hotelier professionals with insight, knowledge, skills and tips in how to turn negative situation into positive one, turning disappointment into raving fan and become loyal customers.
As we all understand and agree that no matter how hard we tried to satisfy our customers chances are there is customer that might not satisfied with our services or products. However too often, service providers made mistakes in resolving this issue by cornering dissatisfied customers with service provider defence mechanism, allowing them to grief or worst, quiet but vote on their feet and never to return again.
This programme is an essential session for all hotelier professionals to build their skills through presentation, case-studies and discussions.
Course Content and Range of the Topic:
·   Understanding common customers grievances
·   What is Service Recovery
·   Physiology of Complainer
·   Tips and Steps in Recovering from Unexpected Service Flaws & Imperfections
Recovering from unexpected service flaws & imperfections, no matter how small, required immediate, sincere, correct and personal from service providers. Failing to properly recovering from this negative situation causes bigger lost for the company, whether in form of bigger token finally given or worst case, spreading negative comments all over the media besides one that will not return to your property.


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