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Workshop Outline & Target Group:
This workshop provides  hotelier professionals  with required skills, attitudes, spirits and techniques in boosting sales and revenues. Bringing your company operations even more profitable.
Have you ever wonder why some of your employees seem to be able to sell very well whilst some other seem to have difficulties in closing a sales deal? How many golden opportunities have flew away with poor approaches and interactions? Many end up with little amount of purchase instead.
This programme is magnificent and powerful tools for your hotel & restaurant seller in eliminate frustrated buying and help your patrons purchase willingly with more dollars.
Course Content and Range of the Topic:
Everyone is a Salesman
Why should you set a target?
How to become a better sales person?
Selling with Social Skills, Empathy, Recognizing Buyer's Needs & Suggestions
Practicing suggestive selling & up-selling, personalised to individual hotel & restaurant seller's characteristic and approaches whenever interact with buyers vital towards your overall per diem. These will at the end not just benefit your company but also your customers.

Selling for More Buck$$

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