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Hotel Executive Training & Development Program 

 Hotel Executive Training Program

Stewarding Skills Training Materials

Stewarding is an entry level position in the Food and Beverage Operation. Its main function is supporting the operation of Food and Beverage Production [kitchen] as well as Food and Beverage Service [restaurants] in order to achieve the goal of pleasing guests.

Steward’s main scope of work is maintaining the cleanliness of all equipment and utensils utilized in the Kitchen and Restaurant. This includes ensuring all necessary items utilized by both Kitchens and Restaurants are available, whilst strict Hygiene and Sanitation Standards are maintained.

On the other hand, food service supplies and equipment represent a considerable amount of investment. Combined with features of attractiveness, practicality and safety, therefore retention of those frequent handling is of high priority.

A good Steward protects this investment by being extra Care when Handling and Sanitize all of the Food & Beverage equipment and utensils.

Cleaning Materials and Equipment

To accomplish tasks described above, necessary equipment required by Stewards to achieve highest level of performance. Following is a list of some of the equipment that assists you in performing your duties. Please bear in mind that this equipment is purchased part from the investment plan and should be properly maintained at all times.

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies and equipment needed to perform your daily cleaning duties are:


Dust Pan

Floor Brush

Floor Squeegee

Window Wiper

Scrubbing Pad

Floor Mop

Mop Bucket


Hand Gloves

Eye Goggles

Gas Mask


Cleaning Chemicals

There are also various chemicals required to assist you in performing your duties to insure proper Sanitation Standards are achieved. These chemicals vary and may be dangerous, flammable, corrosive or even poisonous. In addition, some chemical may be destructive towards certain pieces of equipment and utensils surfaces if not handled and used properly.

To protect both; your health and avoid unnecessary damage to the hotel’s equipment and utensils, you should always read the label of each chemical prior to using it and only use as per instruction.

Prior handling of any chemical, the manufacturers Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) sheet should always be read.


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