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Hotel Executive Training & Development Program 

 Hotel Executive Training Program

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Indonesia Hotel Business Outlook 2013

Posted by Hotel Executive on January 15, 2013 at 10:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Looking at a steady increase of tourist arrivals to the country, the Government of Indonesia through the ministry of tourism and creative economy has set new target of tourist arrivals to 9 million by end of 2013. Year on year ended November 2012, the tourist arrivals recorded at 4.8% increase or more than 7,2 million arrivals according to Country Statistic Bureau. The steady increase has given positive impact toward hotel industry in general. Investors have seen huge opportunity to add more hotels particularly in Bali and Jakarta. In Bali alone, there is a projection of additional room supply upto 4,731 rooms by the end of 2013 and Jakarta will add 1,077 rooms by end of 2013.

Hotel Associates Development Program

Posted by Hotel Executive on December 4, 2012 at 10:25 PM Comments comments (0)

The hotel associates development program focus in developing hotelier professional's skills in creating Customer Engagement and Relationship which no longer souless and robotic "customers vs. employees", but rather, focus on "iConnections that Sells" which equalize needs and interests. With equal need of appreciations, recognitions and attentions between servers and those being served, allow hotel professionals to interact and connect confidently with customers and play their important roles in delivering brand promises and bringing your brand alive.

For a complete brochures and catalog please mail to: [email protected]

Hotelier and Hotel Training Forum, hotel training and development materials applicable for Regular Companies other than hotel industries.


New Hotel Management Company

Posted by Hotel Executive on October 8, 2012 at 1:40 AM Comments comments (0)

If we are asked to open our very own Hotel Management Company, what would be the critical aspect of services and set of competency that are required by potential investors?

If you are the potential investors yourself, what would become your distinct criterias that you choose to differentiate between hotel management companies available on the market?

Please share your comments.

Learning initiatives

Posted by citra aulia on June 23, 2012 at 11:00 AM Comments comments (2)
'Learning is individual's responsibility. Somehow, if the formal or official education and development is not very supportive, find it out yourself, on whatever it is necessary to know' That line is from twitter of pak handry santriago, leader from GE indonesia, which I can not disagree on :D true paak I would put 'find it out yourself' as one thing called : initiative. I found how people demand to be developed, asking to be given clear structure and mechanism to follow, often justifying that is only how they can learn. So they can grow. not against it at all as I also aware because the area where I dedicate myself requires me to do so. Regardless hiccups here and there in fulfilling this expectation, my department is expected to provide and establish tools for such demand. Some address this demand as part of talent development aligning to business strategy :D not exactly easy task, as within this area, support from other for the implementation is highly required. In many occasion, expecting such line of pak handry's to be accepted by others seems like standing up against everyone. In many circumstances, opportunity, tools, procedures are given and provided, but still no act being carried out. Often expecting initiatives coming out seems like taking 'lotto' - just to get lucky. I believe learning comes one package with 'initiatives'. I believe those who have initiatives will leap and excel. I would gladly put extra effort and attention to those with initiative. My two thumbs up, salute and bowing for those who are into learning, despite the unavailability of formal education making their way up not waiting around for other to feed them. I believe their initiatives counts, leaving others behind. You can always tell, and prove that only those with initiaves winning the battle. So, How far the learning initiatives could take you to? Take us to? Question now with initiave, are people born with it? Can it be planted, and nurtured? Is it culture that allows one to grow it? Or?.....

opportunity from three ringing

Posted by citra aulia on June 3, 2012 at 10:55 AM Comments comments (0)

From a review meeting sometime ago with our management trainees, some interesting topics becomes exciting discussion. Getting perspective from new eyes has always been an excitement.

One point among many was brought up - and actually a very basic one: was the fact they noted there is reluctance on picking up the phone, an incoming call in the working areas. Not sure, why most people think it's just unimportant matter but at least that kind of ignorance was noted by the management trainees.

In our workplace, the telephone courtesy is considered very important; somehow it is indicated by how we put it on a very first day of the orientation.

I recall bringing up the matter to the attention of respective department several time, as I myself experienced how difficult it had been to get through, which drives me furious as inevitably - finding out the 'pick up before three rings policy' is indeed being ignored. So this concern brought up by our trainees kind of remind me that I might have missed my follow up on this matter.

Let's see. I guess then many of associates still do not see the incoming calls as opportunity. Still some consider it is as hassles, interruption of their work, while some might just simply being lazy, or ignorant. Drives me nuts, that I often need to yell and go: 'pick it up!'

Not sure whether it is lacking of product knowledge so people are afraid to answer the call or else. True, with the responsibility providing correct information, the knowledge becomes requirement. I don't see this as habit, yet, to immediately responding to these phone calls.

In operation departments as well as sales, incoming calls are potentially an inquiry - possible revenues. Have we indeed thought that missing pick up a call might mean losing potential business? Or, simply: losing business opportunity; Reservation, bookings, inquiry for a banquet event.

It would be interesting to establish a simulation on how much cash possibly slipped away, because this kind of ignorance.

For back of house department, incoming calls mostly are information inquiry. Answering phone calls are service to guests, this case our internal guest. I'd be dreaming all my associates are racing to answer incoming calls, with the passion to assist. Showing sign of true hospitality person. Is a true passionate hotelier are this rare to find nowadays?

Or, would not be it interesting, if we put that any calls have two extreme possibilities, which requires our best act to respond toward it. May it would be more excited placing a little bit threat on it: 'If you don't pick up - you may lose your job, hahaha. Oops, should I go: ‘ouch!’?

Leadership Challenge

Posted by citra aulia on April 23, 2012 at 9:50 AM Comments comments (0)

'The challenge of leadership is to be strong, but not rude; be kind, but not weak; be bold, but not bully; be thoughtful, but not lazy; be humble, but not timid; be proud, but not arrogant; have humor, but without folly' (Jim Rohn)'

When we have learning forum for our young (considered potential future) leaders, we ask them what qualification they think are needed to become good leader. Indeed, it is interesting to find out their answer.

So absorbing Mr. Rohn's quote, there are long list of requirement from a leadership. I have no objection but agree on things he mentioned, that I even would add more. Then it struck my conscious and freaks me out. Gee, that long list of requirement to be good leaders make this leadership thing is not easy. I even wonder that it is real and actually can be fulfilled.

Preparing and developing leaders within the organization has always been a challenge. This is no easy job. And certainly no overnight job.

Discussion about leader and leadership is endless; progressing with development itself is the real challenge. People often forget that leadership takes process.

I think what is usually missing in development of leader and leadership is support and encouragement. Placing the responsibility of development of leader in one hand will have no output. People tend to forget it is a systemic kind of thing. Sometime potential young leaders are identified, and wasted because improper handle of the development.

Time to time when we think we have developed, and these new leaders are ready to accept and take the role, the trust for letting them doing so is not being sincerely extended.

Along the time being in the environment and system that requires the development of the leaders, such curiosities still arise - How do we find a leader, indeed? Is there certain method or way on how we identify one? How do we get the sign that this is the one? Can you really tell who is a natural one? As sometime in one circumstances or unexpected situation you noted one person takes initiative to lead and to direct, getting other people to do things - then you hear a whispering 'he is truly natural leader'.

Many agree that there are people who are naturally born to be truly leader, but if we disregard that factor, can leader really be developed? What does really matter most? The talent? Or proper development?

Learning Surprises : Empowering

Posted by citra aulia on April 19, 2012 at 10:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Out of the learning session on Handling Complaint today, interesting concerns upon this issue arise. Name them: Confidence to take action, knowledge required, managing, willingness to learn from mistake , ownership, placing trust, empowering, support. But for my learning surprises, I highlighted the empowering factor. I sense there is reluctancy to do such thing. To empower.

Arguments arise. Good:). I love it when people start reasoning :D. Discussion on why and how such empowerment becomes necessity is indeed very enlightening.

Reasons for not doing so, yet, vary from concern to control to placing a trust to subordinate.Seems, there is also a worry whether what has been done is appropriate, whether what has been done is right. Afraid it would be a mistake and be blamed for.

Hhhmm. Why afraid taking decision? If it is wrong, so be it. Mistake is to learn from. As long as it is not a same mistake, it's a learning curve. I believe, what can not kill you, make you stronger.

I think this is when empowering needs to be redefined. For me to empower means giving my associates - my subordinate an authority to make decision to take action . Extending a trust, which in most situations are missing. In a same time providing support until such decision is made confidently.

Any other opinion, anyone? :)