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Hotel Executive Training & Development Program 

 Hotel Executive Training Program

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Buy iTraining Materials

iStory Seller


Workshop Outline & Target Group:

This workshop provides participants best practices & techniques from opening to closing a sales transaction and turning it into a memorable interactions.

How much are order takers cost you? Allowing potential guest flee with small amount of purchase, tasteless and turn them to a single visit. How often have you been seated and given a sullen, “here’s your menu”.

This programme turn your sellers and order takers into artful sellers that bring out their creativity in presentating your products and items become alive.

Course Content and Range of the Topic:

  • “Yes/No” - No Way!!!
  • Present your “own creation of products”
  • Show'em Off
  • Make your menu come alive
  • Allow room for freedom - “grouping technique”
  • Story telling
  • The by the way technique

Providing motivation, skills and competencies to inspire your  hotel associates  to be an artful salesperson, experience makers and creates a lifetime guests.

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